About me & Dogsitting24
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About me

Over 30 years of Canine experience

Certified Certodog dog trainer

FBA certified

In-depth knowledge of dog breeds

German, English and Spanish speaking

Nature, sports and photography enthusiast

“A tired dog is a happy dog”.


If you are looking for a professional, certified and premium dog sitting service, you have come to the right place. Dogsitting24 caters to your pet's needs by having small dog groups (we have reduced our dog groups to 2-8 per day) where you can look after your dog more individually. We avoid dog parks and go outdoors so your dog can go on two long walks a day (day care clients).

Holiday Care Clients are part of our 'Dog Family', they're included in the Day Care pack and get one on one attention. We cater to your dog's needs - administer medication if necessary, tend to any special requirements, give your dog a bath, give lots of cuddles and make him/her feel like they're on a vacation. Three walks a day, plus basic training is included in the package.


Professional = Certodog certified dog trainer, FBA, with many years of canine experience.


Licensed = Dogsitting24 has a permit from the Zurich Veterinary Office. Fully insured.


First Class = Dogs are picked up in a new, fully air-conditioned and heated vehicle, each dog has its own crash-tested dog crate. Our modern dog lounge is equipped with underfloor heating, a spacious dog shower/bathtub and a separate garden for playing.